About: Jared Goodman

Profile PictureJared Goodman is the 17-year old founder and editor of Here Comes the Shrink and is a regular guest on WBTV News, the Charlotte, NC CBS affiliate. He has also appeared on ABC World News and Business Insider, among others.

In 2012, Jared found several shrinking products. In the weeks that followed, he began noticing more and more tricky stuff, from some slippery fine print on a restaurant coupon to downsized mini golf courses! From that moment on, he knew that he had to inform people about the unscrupulous things that companies were doing right under their customers noses. It was then that Here Comes the Shrink was born.

When he’s not editing Here Comes the Shrink, Jared enjoys reading, keeping up with current events, watching his favorite sports teams and spending quality time with his sister, Ella.