Space Invaders: Best Buy

Periodically, we’ll dig deep (really deep) into outrageously large packages which hold the smallest items. We’ll pull back the wrapping and see exactly why these companies do what they do. Today, we’re checking out a crazy big box from Best Buy.

Expecting an SD card shipment from Best Buy? Don’t look for a small box- expect a humongous one. The other day, we ordered the exact same thing from the Best Buy website and this arrived at our doorstep a few days later:image

That’s enough air packs to lift the Statue of Liberty off the ground!

Of course, we found our SD card safely wedged underneath the excessive air packs, but this raised a very important question: why would any single company include such an exorbitant amount of packaging for such a small item?

According to Best Buy, the company is “committed to using the strength of our people and our organization to:image

  • Systematically manage and continuously improve the environmental performance of our operations and supply chain.
  • Continue to develop waste minimization, pollution prevention and accessible recycling programs.

Wouldn’t you call all of that unnecessary air packaging a “waste?”

But it doesn’t end there. A few days later, we again ordered something small and thin from Best Buy- a calculator. Here’s the package that came:


imageThis time, we didn’t even get any air packs to protect our purchase, so why is the box as big as Texas?

We reached out to Best Buy Corporate about their over-sized shipments and environmental policy and will update this story when we hear back.


One thought on “Space Invaders: Best Buy

  1. Gale D Baldwin says:

    It’s just plain crazy the way companies are now shipping packages. I have had this myself and it is very annoying. Keep up the questions Jared, we need answers.


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