Raising the Barcode (Part 2)

Barcodes are everywhere. They can be found on products, coupons, receipts, & even cars. Most of these barcodes are just plain rectangles or squares. But other barcodes have taken on unique shapes and designs. In Japan, you’ll find odd-shaped, decorative, and creative barcodes just about everywhere. But here in the United States, we just have boring, ordinary barcodes- or do we? After scouring the stores, we found seven more brands that utilize unique barcodes.

1. Bigelow Tea


Bigelow Tea likes to incorporate their furry friends into their barcodes! On this box of Peppermint Bark Tea, the barcode is shaped like the furry rodent seen on the front.

2. Edy’s/Dreyer’s Ice Cream

3. Hot Pockets


Of course, since Hot Pockets are hot, why not make a flame-shaped barcode?

4. Raisinets


You may have once tried to sneak a box of Raisinets into the movie theater (c’mon, admit it), but you probably didn’t notice the sun-shaped barcode on the back.

5. Michelob


The Michelob logo, shaped liked a pennant, is incorporated into the barcodes of their alcohol products.

6. Lean Cuisine


Lean Cuisine went for a simple, yet unique barcode that features an elegant, wavy leaf.

7. Big Chill Water


CVS Health’s brand name water has a distinctive barcode that looks like a raining cloud.


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