CVS Health: No Haste for Waste

(Due to security and business conduct reasons, we can’t reveal in which CVS location this incident took place; however, it is near Charlotte, North Carolina.)

Easter?! It seems like it was just yesterday. (Actually, it was.) But local CVS Health stores have already begun clearing out their Easter holiday merchandise; one store began as early as Sunday evening.

According to one of our readers, who also happens to be a regular customer at the store, CVS employees were throwing away pebad eggrfectly edible Easter candy just after 8 PM Sunday. When he questioned them, he was told that the treats were being “damaged out” to make way for “summer merchandise.”

“With the amount of remaining Easter candy, we could’ve hosted an Easter egg hunt for needy and underprivileged kids,” the reader said. “This stuff could’ve been donated to any number of charities.”

And that isn’t all. Year-round, this CVS store throws away “what has to be tons” of day-old, same-day, and next-day aryeexpiring loaves of bread that could instead be donated to feed hundreds of hungry mouths. On average, over 15 sealed loaves of bread head to the dumpster on a weekly basis.

And CVS doesn’t seem to care about all of this food-wasting. We’ve reached out to the company several times and are still waiting for a reply.

take actionNow that you know what’s going on inside CVS, you can help stop this tremendous waste of food, resources, and money. Reach out to your local CVS location and ask about their policies for damaged and/or expired food items. Another simple (albeit, less effective) method is to just switch to a competitive drug retailer such as Walgreens or Rite Aid. Or, send CVS Health your own thoughts by clicking here.

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