Review: Filled Cupcake Oreos

filled cupcake oreos

Oreo has unveiled yet another outrageous(ly cool) flavor: Filled Cupcake. The new product is supposed to taste similar to CupCakes, the delicious creme-filled snack cakes sold by rival baking company Hostess. We had our expert taste-tester, Floyd, try out the limited edition flavor and share his opinions.

If my first impression was any indication, Oreo should stick to making Oreos, not strange, whacked-out, and outright disgusting flavors. 20160217_190712.jpgAre they trying to be like everybody else?

The smell was not pleasant and it almost reminded me of Play-Doh. (Is that even possible?) But the taste was even worse! It was so bad in fact, I could barely finish a whole cookie. The only good thing I can say is this: no matter what kind of crazy flavor it is, the classic chocolate Oreo wafer always tastes the same. I am very dissatisfied and will most certainly be returning this product to Walmart.

If I wanted a CupCake from Hostess, I would have bought a CupCake from Hostess. This Oreo imitation is just plain yucky!

1 star

If you’d like to try Filled Cupcake Oreos for yourself, you can pick them up at most major retailers like Walmart, Harris Teeter, Meijer, and Publix for around $3.


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