Sprint and T-Mobile Go After Verizon with “Colorful Balls” Ads of Their Own

Telecom giant Verizon recently released a TV advertisement that supposedly showed consumers the difference between Verizon, or VZW, and the three other major wireless carriers via colorful balls. In their commercial, pink balls represent T-Mobile, yellow represents Sprint, blue is for AT&T and red stands for, of course, Verizon Wireless.

According to T-Mobile, VZW had Root Metrics conduct a slanted survey for millions of dollars, portraying Verizon as the best carrier in categories such as data, calls, speed, and reliability. Also, T-Mobile accused Verizon of omitting all VoLTE technology from their ads, in addition to Extended Range LTE, which supposedly “travels two times farther and is four times better in buildings than before.”

T-Mobile even went as far as releasing an ad that “busted Verizon’s balls” and explained, in detail, the problems with the original VZW commercial:

Then, during Super Bowl 50, TV personality Steve Harvey helped T-Mobile advertise their doubled LGTE coverage. Mocking his Miss Universe Pageant mix-up, Harvey tells customers that it says right here on this card…

Sprint got in on the action too. In their “colorful balls” ad, they claim to have faster download speeds. Also, the Now Network provides “more spectrum” and a “better network” than their three competitors.

No word yet on when AT&T will release their “colorful balls” ad.

(Sources: YouTube, CBS, iSpot.tv, PocketNow)


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