Who Is The Real Colonel Sanders?

Last year, KFC introduced Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond as the new face of the long-dead Colonel Sanders, bringing the iconic chicken mogul’s face back to television after a long absence. Then, last fall, KFC replaced Hammond with another SNL comedian, Norm McDonald. In transitional ads, McDonald was portrayed as the “real” Colonel Sanders, while Hammond was seen as an impersonator. Yesterday, during the build-up to Super Bowl 50, KFC introduced a brand new Colonel Sanders.

That’s right- Colonel Sanders has yet another new face. This time, it’s comedian Jim Gaffigan. Gaffigan apparently has recurring nightmares about his impostors, which leads him to question his own reality. But KFC’s long-running reintroduction of Colonel Sanders isn’t going over well with consumers, leaving many confused as to who Kentucky Fried Chicken really wants to be Colonel Sanders’ replacement.

(Sources: Hollywood Life, Business Insider, KFC, NFL)


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