The Flip Side: Brawny Paper Towels Upsized

20151207_140256.jpgOccasionally, we report on everyday grocery items that have gotten smaller, yet remain the same in price. But today, we’re bringing you a story of a company that did something remarkably different.

Brawny Paper Towels, manufactured by paper giant Georgia-Pacific, is known for its iconic lumberjack logo, which recently got an update. GP completely redesigned their Brawny package style, increasing the boldness of their logo and somewhat severing the poor lumberjacks head. Compare the tw20151207_140306.jpg20151207_140313.jpgo packages, old and new, at left.

The old package contains 6 rolls, each containing 76 2-ply sheets. The towels measure 11×6 inches, which totals out to 209 square feet.

20151207_140320.jpg20151207_140324.jpgHowever, in the new package, you’re getting more, albeit a minute amount. This updated product still contains 6 rolls, but each roll now contains 78 2-ply sheets, which results in a total of 214.5 square feet. Towel size remained the same.

It’s not often that you see “upsized” products, so count your blessings. Want to see which products are shrinking? Click here.


One thought on “The Flip Side: Brawny Paper Towels Upsized

  1. Gale Baldwin says:

    That is really interesting. I never notice these things. You have a natural gift for it. Thanks Jared, good report.


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