The Bell Will Taco ‘Bout You Anyway

Late last year, Taco Bell introduced Explore, a “gamified loyalty program” inside their mobile app. The program allows customers to redeem special rewards by solving puzzles, which can be completed using pieces collected randomly and by placing orders in the app. Another way to complete puzzles is by connecting your favorite social networks.


In an attempt to gain more puzzle pieces, one may try to connect their Twitter account. The Bell assures their customers that they’ll “never post for you or spam your friends.” Good news, right? Wrong. When Taco Bell redirects you to Twitter to link your account, the list of permissions includes:


Well, it seems that, even though they went out of their way to mention that they wouldn’t post for you, Taco Bell will just go ahead and taco ’bout you anyway.

We reached out to The Bell to see what they had to say, but we haven’t yet received a response.

(Sources: Taco Bell, Twitter)


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