Target: May the Device be With You

Gift cards are frequently rewarded as prizes by reward programs and apps and are presented to the bearer in electronic fashion, usually through email. One of the most commonly rewarded gift cards is that of the hypermarket Target. When a Target “e-gift card” arrives in one’s inbox, they can then, in most cases, print out their reward and use it at the store.

But this isn’t “most cases.” Check out the fine print from a Target e-gift card below.


Click to enlarge.

According to Target, there are three ways to use your gift card:

  1. Redeem on– Simply fill your cart with your selected purchases and enter your gift card number when checking out.
  2. Redeem at a Target store– Show your gift card on your web-enabled mobile device and an employee will scan it at checkout.
  3. Save to account– Just sign into your Target account and enter your gift card number in your account to save it for a later purchase.

Now, unlike major competitors such as Walmart, Target will no longer allow their customers to print out and redeem their e-gift cards in store. In fact, Target is assuming that the bearer has a “web-enabled mobile device”- corporate jargon for smartphone. News flash, Target! Only 58% of American adults own a smartphone, leaving the other 42% to fend for themselves.

What to do if you don’t own a smartphone? You’ll just have to shop online- maybe use your e-gift card to buy a smartphone.


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