Mimi’s Cafe: Layers of Confusion

Last year, Texas-based Mimi’s Cafe gave loyal e-club members a free 4-pack of delicious jumbo muffins. But this year, it seems that their birthday deal is a bit sweeter? Or is it?

Late in 2015, the French-inspired sit-down chain introduced their new Birthday Crepe Cake Dessert. So Mimi’s Cafe is offering it up to e-club members this year when their respective birthdays roll around.

But the coupon is causing some confusion.


So Mimi’s is giving you a free slice of crepe cake, no purchase necessary. But they’ve also included a double offer: an entire free crepe cake. How do you get this free cake? Read the fine print:

“A free 10-slice Birthday Crepe Cake for a party of 8 or more with eClub sign up and advance reservations.”

First, you must make reservations, which aren’t usually necessary to dine at a Mimi’s restaurant. Second, you must have more than 8 people in your party; according to Mimi’s, your “friends & family.” Also, you can only redeem one offer per visit, so that means you can get either a free slice for yourself, or a free cake for your party, but not both.

So when your birthday comes up this year, you might want to skip Mimi’s Cafe and head to another, less confusing restaurant instead.


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