Publix Ending Double Coupons in SC

Publix Charlotte

Beginning January 1, Publix grocery stores in South Carolina will no longer double coupons.

The change is occurring because South Carolina stores are being moved to Publix’s Charlotte Division, which currently includes all stores in North Carolina, none of which double coupons. As a replacement, Publix will be offering better prices and programs, as well as new ways to save.

Here’s a statement that a reader of the shopping blog Southern Savers received from Corporate:

Our coupon acceptance guidelines were recently revised in an effort to offer more valuable savings to our customers. As a result, we will no longer double coupons in our Charlotte Division stores. This decision will allow Publix to offer better prices and programs, while continuing to offer quality products, a clean shopping environment and exceptional customer service.

We will continue our commitment to helping our customers save money with our coupon friendly policy, which includes accepting manufacturer’s coupons, Publix coupons, Internet coupons and coupons from nearby competitors, as well as offering savings through our Digital Coupons program, flyers and weekly ads.

In February 2014, Publix announced that, as the company expanded into North Carolina, new stores would not be participating in the double coupons program. However, except for two locations in the Charlotte area, both new and existing stores in South Carolina would continue to offer double coupons to customers. Now, as chain moves their SC portoflio to the Charlotte Division, the double coupons program will be eliminated at over 50 stores.

What do you think about the double coupons change? Sound off in the comments below.


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