The Stores Awaken: Star Wars Tie-Ins

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh installment in the Star Wars series, hits theaters today and many brands have released out of this world tie-ins to celebrate the premiere of the film. Here are some of our favorite products, from coffee creamer to soup.

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…and one from the air.

All Nippon Airways, a Japanese airline commonly known as ANA, unveiled three Star Wars paint schemes earlier this year. Their R2-D2 scheme is already in use on multiple Boeing 787’s, while their BB-8 scheme is scheduled to take off in spring 2016 and will be primarily used on Boeing 777’s. In November, the airline also debuted a hybrid paint scheme that depicts R2-D2 on the left side of the aircraft and BB-8 on the right. ANA says that the Star Wars jets will be flying until approximately 2019.

(Sources: Live 105, Geek Grubs, Passport Magazine, Pedago Geek, Wired)


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