Raising the Barcode

Barcodes are everywhere. They can be found on products, coupons, receipts, & even cars. Most of these barcodes are just plain rectangles or squares. But other barcodes have taken on unique shapes and designs. In Japan, you’ll find odd-shaped, decorative, and creative barcodes just about everywhere. But here in the United States, we just have boring, ordinary barcodes- or do we? After scouring the stores, we finally found seven different brands that utilize unique barcodes.

1. Sparkle Paper Towels

Sparkle Paper Towels

Georgia Pacific urges consumers to check out the house-shaped barcode on their Sparkle Paper Towel brand products.

2. Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly

Of course! A company that specializes in jelly beans has a bean-shaped barcode. Duh!

3. Mike & Ike Candies

Mike & Ike

Mike & Ike may have split at one point, but they’re back together now, splitting in a different way around their products’ barcodes.

4. Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow’s tempting ice cream sandwiches have -what else?- an ice cream sandwich-shaped barcode.

Skinny Cow

In addition to ice cream, Skinny Cow also makes candy, which has a wavy, cow spot barcode.

5. Nestle Coffee Mate


Nestle’s Coffee Mate coffee creamer products have tall mugs surrounding all of their barcodes.


To celebrate the new Star Wars movies, Nestle introduced new character themed bottles. The company also modified their simple mug barcode to include X-wing Fighters instead.

6. Target Baby


When Target sends out special coupon booklets for baby products, the coupon barcodes have infant-themed items surrounding them, from safety pins to baby bottles.

7. Krispy Kreme


For their annual “Day of the Dozens” celebration a few days ago, donut-and-coffee chain Krispy Kreme released a BOGO coupon with a scannable barcode made of donut glaze.

(Featured image credit Bill Frymire.)


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