Is Sliderz the Next Shake Shack?


Since Shake Shack, which serves burgers, fries, & custard milkshakes, first opened in New York’s Madison Square Park in 2004, it has become one of the fastest grsowing restaurant chains ever, expanding to almost 70 locations in 12 states and 10 countries in just 11 years of operation. Now, a single-unit Florida restaurant called Sliderz is looking to repeat Shake Shack’s epic success story.

The flagship Sliderz location opened this past October in North Miami. Six other locations are scheduled to open across South Florida by the end of 2016. After that, founder Buddy Sklar says, the chain will focus on franchising, an approach much like the one used by Shake Shack.

While a slider is generally thought of as a burger, a sandwich at Sliderz can feature fish, chicken, meatballs, and even a hot dog, along with the traditional beef burger. The delicious taste of their mini sandwiches spawned their slogan, “Size Doesn’t Always Matter.” In addition, all tsliderz-4he ingredients used at Sliderz are as locally sourced as possible. Sklar himself visited the North Florida farms and ranches that supply the infant chain to ensure that his food is of the highest quality. “We’re certified Angus beef, hormone and antibiotic free. Our fish are line-caught and our chicken is free-range,” says Sklar. Even the beer offered at Sliderz is locally sourced. “We always want to have probably 50 percent of our beer menu local craft.”

But what really sets Sliderz apart is the technology utilized at their restaurants. iPads are used for in-store ordering and customers unwilling to wait on line can order their meal right at their table via the Sliderz mobile app. The chain also allows customers to rack up redeemable rewards throinsideugh their Orange Rewards program, also accessible through the Sliderz mobile app.

Through franchising, Sliderz hopes to become the next Shake Shack, serving up their delicious sliders in cities across the nation, and the world. Before you know it, the neon orange interior of a Sliderz restaurant will be a familiar sight in your town. For now, we’ll just have to wait on that and remember: orange is the new green.

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