Ted’s Montana Mystery

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When media mogul and bison rancher Ted Turner opened the first Ted’s Montana Grill in 2002, it wasn’t in Montana. Columbus, Ohio saw the first Ted’s Montana Grill, a now 46-location strong chain of restaurants that specializes in bison.

File:Baxter Lobby 1.jpg

Ted’s in Bozeman, Montana.

The first Ted’s Montana Grill located in the actual state of Montana opened in June 2008 at the Baxter Hotel in Bozeman. To this day, it remains the only Ted’s location in Montana. Georgia and Colorado have the highest concentration of locations.

Knowing all of this, looking at the map above, produced by the travel-and-food website Thrillist, you might be confused. “Ted’s Montana Grill,” you say, “only has one location in Montana. And it wasn’t even started there!” Well, Thrillist has a reason.

Okay, so Ted’s Montana Grill was neither founded nor is headquartered in Montana. But it’s in the name, there’s a picture of a buffalo, and they finally opened one there.

The problem with making this map is, because some states just don’t churn out great restaurant chains like others do, it’s very hard to pick a chain that one single state represents, especially if there isn’t a notable restaurant that came out of that state.

(Sources: Thrillist, Wikipedia, Ted’s Montana Grill)

Featured image via News-Times.


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