Blast From the Past: Coca-Cola

In our newest storyline, we’re sending you back to the good ‘ole days (whenever they may be) and exploring what products used to look like. Whether they’ve shrunk or not over the years, we’ll still give you a glimpse into the past, via items like Coca-Cola.

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, which turned 25 this year, is a popular tourist attraction and mecca for lovers of everything Coke. The World of Coke, as it is known, has many displays about the hcokeistory of Coca-Cola, the company, and its products.

One display in particular (left) caught our eye: the first ever 8oz can of Coke. The “California Compact,” as it was called, was smaller than the traditional 12oz can and debuted in 1976.

Fast forward to today. Don’t bother looking for the California Compact 8oz can in any vending machine or store. Try as you might, you’ll only find a 7.5oz “Mini” can.

cokeThat’s right: Coca-Cola was downsized. According to the NY Daily News, the world’s most recognized brand debuted a new 7.5oz mini can of Coke (right) in late 2009, replacing the 8oz California Compact.

The Coca-Cola Company’s 8oz can was on the market until at least 1986, a decade after it first debuted. Thanks to the Soda Can Collection, you can see (left) what an 8oz can, directly from the consumer, looked like in 1986.

(Sources: NY Daily News, Soda Can Collection, Coca-Cola)


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