A Closer Look: Dole Mandarin Oranges

Periodically, we take “A Closer Look” at the ingredient and nutrition labels on everyday grocery items, and report back with any inconsistencies, gaffs, or other strange things that we might find. Today, we’re investigating Dole Mandarin Oranges.

wpid-wp-1432914242871Fruit goes great with any meal. Dole, the world’s largest fruit and veggie producer, knows this better than any company on the planet. The California based corporation sells, among other things, Mandarin Oranges, left, which come in compact 11oz cans.

The globally recognized brand will probably be a little embarrassed when they find out that they made a spellwpid-wp-1432914183250ing error, right, on their cans of Mandarin Oranges. We scooped up this particular can at a BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Right there, under “Total Fat” and above “Trans Fat,” Dole misspelled “Saturated Fat.” Instead, the company printed “SatuFated Fat.” Oops!

We notified Dole of their mistake, but the company has not yet responded.


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