It’s Not So Simple After All

Ahhhhh. There’s nothing like a nice, hot shower after a long days work. That shower left you refreshed, energized, and of course, cleaner than you were before. That’s because you used (we hope) several unique soaps to wash away all your dirt, sweat, and grime.

But we sincerely hope that you didn’t use Simple Face Wash. In fact, we know you didn’t use Simple because you, the astute consumer, noticed a serious problem with their face wash product.

20150313_195527Let us refresh your memory. On a recent shopping trip at your local Target, you noticed that Simple had changed the design of some of their products. Their face wash got a…facelift, you might say. The older face wash weighed in at 5oz, or 150mL. But this face wash with the new look, which was also 5oz, only weighed 148mL. So you said to yourself, “Self, how is it possible that a product can lose 2mL, but the ounces stay the sa20150313_195535 1me?” And, being the smart consumer, you moved on down the hygiene aisle and selected a more reliable brand of face wash.

However, you didn’t forget this incident and, being the wise consumer, told us about the issue. And do you know what we did? We contacted Unilever, Simple Skin Care’s parent company, but we haven’t received a response yet. They’re probably very busy….with those pesky milliliters.


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