Kohl’s: A Promotion with Holes


Kohl’s recently had a huge baby sale. To get the word out to potential shoppers, the retail chain sent out flyers advertising the sale. Along with the sale details, Kohl’s included 3 paragraphs of fine print describing different promotions and sales, presumably coinciding with the Baby Sale.


Click to enlarge.

So we headed to a Kohl’s store in East Setauket, NY to take the store up on a promotion, left, outlined in the third paragraph, which states the following:

“To get your Kohl’s Charge discount, go to any register at your Kohl’s Store and an associate will give you a scratch-off card, which you can use every day of the event.”

With no event dates to rely on, we assumed that this “event” coincided with the Baby Sale. So we asked an associate for our scratch-off card on September 18, in the heat of the sale, only to be told that “the promotion has ended.” What?!

Confused, we took the matter up with Customer Service. They told us that the scratch-off event was completely different from the Baby Sale and had its own event dates. The only problem? Kohl’s never specified a date in their event details. So it was up to the store manager to tell us that the scratch-off event had ended on September 17, the day before our visit.

This posed a big question: how is the customer supposed to know how long the event runs if Kohl’s doesn’t specify event dates in their promotional mailing? We immediately contacted Kohl’s Corporate, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, but, after nearly a month, have not yet received a response.


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