Products You Never Knew Existed

Almost everyone goes to the grocery store. Most products are recognizable, but none of these are. Here’s five completely outrageous products that you never even knew existed.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods

Readers of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the popular book series about inspirational true stories, know that the publishing company comes out with about a dozen new books a year. But what most readers don’t know is that the Connecticut-based company also manufactures consumer goods, including -you guessed it- chicken soup. Other products include barbecue sauce, gravy, and pasta sauces, among other things.

Got Milk? Magic Straws

Got Milk? Strawberry Magic Straws, 0.16 oz, 24 countAlthough the Milk Processors’ famous Got Milk? campaign was dropped last year, the Milk Processor Board, which now uses the campaign slogan “Milk Life“, still features a line of flavor-enhancing Magic Straws, which currently come in both the chocolate and strawberry varieties. Once milk is drawn into the Magic Straw, the “powerful flavor beads” are activated, transforming ordinary milk into a “delicious treat.”

Rachael Ray Pet Food

Rachael Ray (you know, that lady on the Food Network) has created a line of dog and cat foods called “Nutrish.” The Dog Food Advisor gave Nutrish Dog Food a poor rating due to artificial coloring and ingredients. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, since Ray also prepares food for, um… humans. Need we say more?

Crispy Hexagons

wpid-20150525_131920.jpgRalston Foods produces store-brand products for a number of grocery stores, including Albertson’s, Shaw’s, & Food Lion. Many of these products are similar to brand-name items, but are available at a lower price. One of these products, a cereal called Crispy Hexagons, is similar to Kellogg’s Crispix cereal and has gained worldwide fame for its strange name. The cereal is shaped almost exactly like Crispix, a name apparently so unique that Ralston couldn’t come up with any other description except for Crispy Hexagons. Pictured is the Food Lion store-brand.

Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread

Next time you’re at the dollar store, you might (or might not) want to pick up some Beer Bread from Larry the Cable Guy. You can also buy this oddity (just add beer and butter!) on Amazon. In addition to bread, the blue collar comedian sells different flavors of “tater chips” and chicken batter.

(Sources: Walmart, Chicken Soup, Wikipedia, Rachael Ray, Amazon)


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