Chocolate Banana Chips Ahoy! Review

chips ahoy

Chips Ahoy!, Nabisco’s other cookie brand, is experimenting with new cookie flavors in an effort to match the wide array of flavors offered by their sister cookie brand anSAM_0352d arch-nemesis, Oreo. Recently, they unveiled two new limited edition flavors, including Chewy Brownie (similar to Oreo’s Brownie Batter cookies unveiled this summer) and Chocolate Banana. Floyd, our sweet-toothed taste-tester, agreed to try the latter in a fruity and Minion-like test.

When I first laid eyes on these Chocolate Banana cookies at my local grocery store, I knew that they didn’t have a chance. I snatched the package up and paid a generous $2.99 for them at the register before eagerly bringing them back to my laboratory.

When I first opened the package, the ap-peeling aroma of chocolate and banana filled the air. As I took my first bite, I immediately tasted the chocolate. However, the banana flavor tasted sweet and artificial, unlike a real banana. To my dismay, real bananas are not listed on the ingredient label.

As I continued a fruity rampage through the package, I began noticing that some cookies didn’t have a banana flavor at all. Perhaps the folks at Nabisco forgot to inject some fake banana flavoring into some of the cookies.

In the end, I understand that Chips Ahoy! needs to stay one step ahead of Oreo, but to stay in the game, the brand should include real ingredients, not artificial ones. If Chips Ahoy! makes that change, they might just surpass Oreo as the king of cookies.

3 stars

If you’d like to try Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Banana Cookies for yourself, they are available at your local grocery store, like Target, Publix, or Kroger, and online at Amazon and The going price is anywhere from $2 to $6.

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