Myrtle Beach: Destination Expiration

There may only be a few weeks of summer left, but there’s still some time left to enjoy the sand between your toes. Everybody has their favorite beach destination, whether it be Ocean City, Destin, or Galveston. But visitors to the Palmetto State’s most popular beach destination, Myrtle Beach, might be in for a surprise when they scour the savings section of the 2015 North Myrtle Beach Visitors Guide.

Those looking to save a buck on some cluck may find this Zaxby’s coupon useful:


Click here to view an enlarged, high-resolution image of this coupon.

wpid-20150604_200901.jpgBut don’t clip it just yet. You won’t be getting a free Big Zax Snak anytime soon because this coupon expired on November 30, 2014! Why in the world is there a coupon that expired in 2014 in a 2015 Visitors Guide?

We asked Zaxby’s & the North Myrtle Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau the same question. So far, we haven’t received a response.


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