A Closer Look: Duncan Hines

In our newest storyline, we’re taking “A Closer Look” at the ingredient and nutrition labels on everyday grocery items. Periodically, we’ll report on inconsistencies, gaffs, & other strange things on labels that you might’ve overlooked. Today, we’re investigating Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cakes.

wpid-sam_0209.jpgIt’s on clearance for a reason.

We’re talking about Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cakes, of course. Their newest confection, which contains cake mix, frosting, and a 6-inch pan, only hit shelves this June. So why did we find the Chocolate Lover’s variety on clearance at a Publix store in Uptown Charlotte, NC? We’ll get to that in a minute.

The Flub

Fwpid-sam_0205.jpgirst, we noticed something peculiar on the Chocolate Lover’s cake box. If you look closely, you’ll see something too. According to Duncan Hines (right), “Perfect Size cakes are just the right size for 2 to 4 people.” Understandable, considering that all Duncan Hines’ Perfect Size products are meant to be eaten in one sitting. So all seems normal- until we turn to the nutrition label, located on the back of the product.

wpid-sam_0198.jpgIt seems like someone at Duncan Hines made a mistake. According to the nutrition label, this Perfect Size Cake serves 5 people.

The Flop

In June, several Publix shopping blogs (not affiliated with the real store, of course) claimed that they’d found Duncan Hines Perfect Size cakes at their local store. The item was so new, in fact, they reported that they’d found the cake mix on a special shipper in the baking aisle, waiting to be stocked on the shelf. So why did we find Perfect Size cakes on clearance?

We reached out to both Duncan Hines, owned by Pinnacle Foods, and Lakeland, Florida based Publix.

Duncan Hines responded almost immediately. Here’s what Avian Norwood, a “Brand Ambassador” at Pinnacle Foods, had to say.

The decision to put the items on clearance is totally up to the retail store you visited, we have no plans to discontinue the product as it is just coming out. As for the inconsistencies in the serving size I do apologize for that and will make our marketing team aware of this issue.”

Publix promptly directed us to their North Carolina, South Carolina, & Augusta, Georgia Media & Community Relations Manager, Kimberly Reynolds, who has not yet responded to our inquiry.


One thought on “A Closer Look: Duncan Hines

  1. Gale Baldwin says:

    I am not sure I would have even checked that unless I was looking at the calories. You bring all the best information forward to the consumer. You are appreciated.


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