Blue Raspberry Pop-Tarts Review


wpid-20150719_160948.jpgKellogg’s, the geniuses behind Pop-Tarts, are always coming out with new wacky flavors and designs for their famous breakfast treat, such as Frosted Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolatey Strawberry, and more recently, This-Or-That Pop-Tarts. But this summer, you may have noticed their newest flavor: Frosted Blue Raspberry. Plus, unlike some other flavors, Kellogg’s says that Frosted Blue Raspberry is here to stay.

Of course, we asked our taste tester, Floyd, if he’d be willing to subject himself to the ooey-gooey deliciousness of Pop-Tarts, and he said yes. (How could he not?) So we snagged an 8-pack on sale at Food Lion for just $1.22. Here’s Floyd’s review.

As every toaster pastry lover could tell you, Pop-Tarts come in their iconic shiny foil, and this was no exception. I was excited, obviously, to try a brand new flavor, so I ripped into the Blue Raspberry package.


Right away, I smelled a familiar fruity, blue raspberry odor. I like my Pop-Tarts at room temperature, but you could always pop them in the toaster (hence their name) so they’d be warm and gooey. Or, stash them in the freezer for a few hours for a cold, crisp pastry.

I bit into the first room-temperature pastry and was immediately filled with disappointment. The blue raspberry flavor I’ve come to love wasn’t present in the tart. The taste of the pastry smothered the blue raspberry flavor. In addition, there was a severe lack of filling. The frosting was bland and didn’t have any blue raspberry taste at all; in fact, all I tasted was sugar. What a disappointing dessert!

A word to the wise: do not buy Frosted Blue Raspberry Pop-Tarts if you’re expecting a blue raspberry flavor. But then again, I’m just one man’s opinion.


If you still want to try Frosted Blue Raspberry Pop-Tarts, you can scoop an 8-pack up at your local grocery store for about $1-$2. But be warned: as of now, only some stores carry Blue Raspberry, but in a few months time, the flavor should be available wherever Pop-Tarts are sold.


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