2nd Anniversary: From the Archives

Target logo.svgIn honor of our 2nd anniversary, we dug deep into our unpublished archives and found this story from March 2012. With the help of the Internet Wayback Machine and Target Savers, we’ve managed to include some original images and snapshots.

Target offers their shoppers free samples from time to time. All customers have to do is visit the “Sample Spot” over at the Target website, where they can then request whatever samples are available. In March 2012, Target was offering a free “Spring Beauty Bag.” Below is a screenshot of the Sample Spot, taken on March 14, 2012. (Click to enlarge.)

sample spot

sample spot

According to Target, “it’s easy and free” to “get all your free samples in one convenient place.” However, clicking on the Spring Beauty Bag sample told a different story. With the help of the money-saving website Target Savers, we were able to reconstruct exactly what happened when you clicked the “Request Sample” button, using an image that they included in a post from March 4, 2012 about the Spring Beauty Bag. (Click to enlarge.)

Target-BEauty-Bag-Sample-SpotUnlike Target’s earlier claim, this sample wasn’t easy or free. To get their free Spring Beauty Bag, shoppers first had to make an “eligible purchase” sometime in the month of March. Those who did received “a code via receipt.” Then, shoppers had to head back to this site and enter their code to receive their “free” beauty bag.

Even Target Savers was shocked. Since Target hadn’t conducted this charade in years past, the people over at Target Savers added “With a Twist” to their post about the Beauty Bag sample.

Clearly, beauty does come at a price.


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