Slogan Study: Fresh Food Fast


In our modern, healthy, and fast-paced world, businesses and companies want to appeal to the percentage of the population that needs healthy food- and quick! So it’s no surprise that “Fresh Food Fast” is a pretty common slogan.

You can find the slogan at PDQ, a Tampa based chicken restaurant. The chain, which has almost 40 locations in six Southern states, prides themselves on being “People Dedicated to Quality.” Since everything at PDQ is made fresh, none of the locations have freezers. Every meal is made fresh after the customer orders it. Plus, you won’t find an intercom at any drive-thru either- only humans. In terms of quality and service, PDQ is frequently compared to In-N-Out Burger, which is found on the West Coast.

Other restaurants use the slogan too, including Sumo Salad, an Australian health food chain with stores in multiple countries, including the US. The good-for-you company has even dedicated an entire section of their menu to “Fresh Food Fast.”

In Chesapeake, Virginia, The Cutting Edge Cafe also boasts the “Fresh Food Fast” slogan. The sandwich shop makes all their own bread in-store daily, and they purchase from local farmers markets wherever possible.

Another example is Z Market, which operates several markets across the country under the “Fresh Food Fast” slogan. The chain has locations in some of the country’s biggest airports, including Atlanta (picturDSC01536ed) and Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as in service plazas in such cities as Kennebunk, Maine & Newark, Delaware. Each Z Market store has their own local chef that prepares fresh food daily for the “Gourmet To Go” section, which also offers fresh fruit.

But Z Market isn’t the only convenience store that uses the slogan. Rushco Markets, a chain of convenience stores and gas stations in central North Carolina also bears the slogan “Fresh Food Fast.” The company operates market-type stores, accompanied by fuel stations, and serves up fresh food made in-store that same day.

cbw_logoCrazy Bowls and Wraps is also embracing this popular slogan. The health food chain has locations in Missouri, Illinois, & California, and continues to serve fresh, real food, made from scratch daily. The company says that their “goal [is] to provide healthy, minimally processed food that is good for the body as well as the mind.”

Our last example comes to you from Atlanta, Georgia, home of the World of Coca-Cola and the headquarters of the same internationally recognized beverage brand. The attraction is located in Centennial Olympic Park, directly oppemberton-cafeposite the Georgia Aquarium. In between these two popular destinations, tourists can grab a bite to eat at the Pemberton Cafe, named after the founder of Coca-Cola, John S. Pemberton. Although the food preparation methods are unknown, the cafe boasts the slogan “Fresh Food Fast” and the World of Coca-Cola says that the Pemberton Cafe offers “a variety of delicious menu offerings to please any palate. The menu includes burgers, hot dogs, fresh salads, sandwiches, and kids’ meals. In addition, a selection of vegetarian menu items is available.”

As you can see, all of the above establishments are true to their name: they quickly serve you healthy, quality food. So the next time you see the slogan, “Fresh Food Fast,” know that the business boasting the line is not only serving you good food, but that they’re also trying to earn your trust . . . and your dollar.

(Sources: Wake BGC, World of Coke, Wikipedia, Crazy Bowls & Wraps, Yelp)


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