Jack Link’s Shrinks: Beef Jerky Downsized

On a recent trip to Target, Jack Link’s made us as mad as a bull- pun intended. See why, below. (Click to enlarge.)

Did you catch it? The Wisconsin beef jerky maker reduced the size of their Teriyaki Beef Jerky by .4 oz. As you can see, the old package (on the left) is 3 oz. The newer package (on the right), which features Jack Link’s new logo and package design, is only 2.6 oz. Plus, the two packs of jerky are noticeably different in many ways, including design, color, shape, and most importantly- size.

But the size wasn’t the only thing that changed. Amounts on the nutrition labels were also modified. See all the differences below.

3.0 Ounce Package 2.6 Ounce Package
Protein 14g 12g
Sodium 600mg 480mg
Cholesterol 20mg 30mg
Carbohydrates 5g 6g
Fat Content 97% Fat Free 96% Fat Free

Of course, some ingredients were changed in the downsizing process as well. You’ll notice that, in the newer beef jerky, there are fewer ingredients and the order is somewhat different than that of the older, 3 oz. package. Once again, you can see all of those differences below. (Click each image to enlarge.)

We reached out to Jack Link’s for comment on their beef jerky downsizing, but so far, we have not yet received a response.


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