KFR: Keep Finding Receipts

Kellogg’s Family Rewards, or KFR, recently changed the way consumers earn points. Previously, Kellogg’s had consumers enter 16-digit codes printed inside Kellogg’s products on the KFR website. The points could then be redeemed for gifts and prizes, from gift cards to coupons.

But now Kellogg’s wants to phase out codes and replace the rewards system with something more up-to-date. They’ve introduced two new ways to earn points, making the entire process more complicated, all while claiming that the new & improved KFR is bigger, better, & easier than before.


The first new way to earn points is by uploading your store receipt. Already, Kellogg’s has made the process harder: instead of simply entering a generated code into the KFR website, one must take the time to snap a picture of their receipt and upload it tuploado the KFR website. This is especially hard for those shoppers who toss or refuse their receipt at the store. Yet others simply don’t have the time to go through the receipt uploading process, which take up to an excess of 15 precious minutes.

Here’s something else: it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours for Kellogg’s to process a receipt. This means that points will be delayed showing up in shoppers accounts, possibly complicating the point redemption process.

The second new way to earn points is by linking your store loyalty cards to your KFR account. This way, every time you shop and scan your connected store loyalty cards, KFR will give you points for the Kelloloyaltygg’s products you purchased. You can connect up to 3 loyalty cards per store, but only a total of 11 store loyalty cards, limiting the options for those who shop at a multitude of stores. In this list of Kellogg’s loyalty card partners, only a few dozen grocery store chains are listed as participating retailers. Some notable grocery stores are missing from the list, including Kroger (plus all of their 30+ subsidiaries), which is the nation’s largest grocery store chain, Publix, Safeway, & SuperValu, the third largest grocery store in the country. Also, even though Rite-Aid is included, other major pharmacy chains like CVS & Walgreens, are not. The omission of these popular stores narrows down the ways that a consumer can earn points. Plus, for those who do their shopping at stores without loyalty cards, like Walmart, Target, Aldi, & Trader Joe’s, earning points is even more complicated.Piggly Wiggly logo

Another oddity on the list concerns Keene, NH based Piggly Wiggly. Kellogg’s has apparently partnered only with Piggly Wiggly stores in South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, & Illinois. However, the chain operates stores in 14 other states, leaving Piggly Wiggly shoppers in those regions with fewer options.

All of this sure sounds a lot harder than it used to be. So why is Kellogg’s ditching codes? We contacted the company, and here’s what they have to say.

In the past, many members asked for faster point 293px-Kellogg's.svg collecting methods that did not require entering on-pack codes. A key reason we introduced the new ways to collect KFR points is to provide a variety of point collecting methods that are easier for more individuals to use.

While we have made some changes to how you can collect points, don’t worry: points, product values and our rewards haven’t changed!

[The loyalty card] point collecting option is a new addition to our program and currently there are a limited number of retailers participating in the loyalty card method. The list of participating retailers is ALWAYS changing, so be sure to check the website regularly. We will continue to work hard to add participating retailers to the retailer loyalty card option of the program.

Here’s what we assume is going on here: by complicating the process of earning points, Kellogg’s is hoping that less shoppers will use Kellogg’s Family Rewards, therefore decreasing the amount of total points earned, which will cost the company less in rewards. In addition, by phasing out codes, the company is also saving time and money on the product manufacturing process.

Still Interested?

In addition to entering codes found on participating Kellogg’s products, you can earn points by uploading an image of your receipt, or by linking your store loyalty cards.

To upload your receipt to KFR, you can either use the online uploader on your mobile phone, or you can text an image of your receipt to 89332. (To do this, you must be opted in to send and receive KFR texts.) You can also attach an image of your receipt through your desktop or laptop computer.

You can only link a total of 11 store loyalty cards, so be careful as to which ones you attach. You can link your cards by clicking here.

Plus, right now, you can earn a total of 200 bonus points for linking your first store loyalty card (100 points) and/or uploading your first receipt (100 points) to KFR.

Not yet a Kellogg’s Family Rewards member? Join for free now.

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