Dino-Mite: Jurassic World Tie-Ins


Image Credit: Comic Book Movies

Jurassic World, the highly-anticipated follow-up to the Jurassic Park trilogy, hits theaters today and several brands have released tie-ins to celebrate the premiere of the film. Here’s six dino-mite products, from shaving cream to fruit snacks.


Back in May, Barbasol introduced special Jurassic World themed shaving cream cans, with two designs to choose from. A Pteranodon is featured on the Original shaving cream, while a Velociraptor is shown on the Soothing Aloe canister. Barbasol was iconically featured in one of the most memorable scenes from the original Jurassic Park movie in 1993, which involves Dennis and a special Barbasol canister that contains storage racks for dinosaur embryos.

In addition to the limited edition cans, Barbasol is currently hosting a Jurassic World contest. The grand prize winner will win a “Dinosaur Dig Experience” in Wyoming, a white water rafting trip, and a hot air balloon excursion, among other outdoor activities. Plus, weekly winners will receive Jurassic World Blu-Ray DVDs and Limited Edition Barbasol Collectors Cans. Enter to win by clicking here.

Mike & Ike Candies

This spring, Mike & Ike debuted limited edition Jurassic World Tropical Fruits, and an epic new box, complete with a menacing T-Rex. The special candies also includes “mystery dino eggs.”

In addition to the limited edition Mike & Ike candies, Just Born, Inc., Mike & Ike’s parent company, is giving away free movie tickets for a year. You can enter the sweepstakes online by clicking here. The contest ends 02.28.2016.

Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks

Kellogg's Jurassic World Fruit Flavored Snacks, 10 count, 8 ozFor just a little over $2, you can get this 8oz box of Jurassic World fruit flavored snacks from Kellogg’s. The Battle Creek, Michigan based cereal maker is known for their fruit snack tie-in products, from Frozen to The Avengers. The Jurassic World fruit snacks, which come 10-pouches to a box, are available at Walmart, Target, and other participating retailers.

Adventure in every bite.  Jurassic Smash Blizzard treat with smashed up peanut butter cookies and cookie dough.  For a limited time only at participating locations. Jurassic World 2015 Universal & Amblin.  This film is not yet rated.Dairy Queen

Even Dairy Queen is getting in on the Jurassic World fun. The soft serve fast food chain rolled out Jurassic Smash Blizzards & Jurassic Snack Wrap Duos on May 25, “all of which promise an adventure in every bite.” According to DQ’s VP of Marketing Communications, Dairy Queen has “six specially designed Blizzard cups inspired by movie moments, in-store signage, and point-of-sale materials worthy of selfies,” all just in time for the premiere of the summer blockbuster on June 12. DQ also released a commercial, which includes some scenes from the movie, featuring their new Jurassic Smash Blizzard, which includes smashed up peanut butter cookies and cookie dough.


Bubbaloo, a popular Latin American chewing gum brand, has special Jurassic World themed bubble gum packages to celebrate the opening of the film. Bubbaloo Mexico also urges consumers to collect all 45 unique Jurassic World stickers located on the inside wrappers of Bubbaloo products. Sticker designs range from the Jurassic World logo to dinosaur species and fictitious amusement park areas.

The brand, formerly owned by Mondelez and now owned by Canderaria, is also currently running a promotion for residents of Mexico. The full details can be found here.


Just Born, Inc. is at it again. In addition to the Jurassic World Tropical Fruit-flavored Mike & Ike candies, the candy company has dreamed up new Peeps Dino Eggs. The blue-raspberry flavored marshmallow eggs come two to a package and are available wherever the fluffy stuff is sold.

Other Jurassic World products include die cast movie vehicles, such as Jeep & Mercedes-Benz, Jurassic World Monopoly, & multiple LEGO sets. T-shirts and books have also already come on the market.

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