A Big Whiff for the Nationals, UTZ

Baseball season is in full swing and the Washington Nationals have teamed up with Mid-Atlantic chip maker Utz Quality Snacks to give consumers the chance to win big.

The grand prize winner will gain access to the Luxury Lincoln Suite at Nationals Park in Washington, DC for one day this fall. This is where the first problem steals our attention.

According to the official rules, the grand prize winner will win access to the Luxury Lincoln Suite, which hosts about 16 people, on September 18, 2015 and will be able to watch the Washington Nationals take on the Miami Marlins live. A dedicated attendant, access to the Norfolk Southern Club, 4 parking passes, and free ballpark food and beverages are also included in this deal worth approximately $5,000.

wpid-20150523_195548.jpgBut sticker “peelies” (right) on Utz products tell a different story. Sure, the sticker discloses all the amazing benefits of the Lincoln Suite, but it fails to specify how long the grand prize winner has access to the suite. One may falsely assume that the winner has access to the suite until the end of baseball season, when in reality, the grand prize winner gets only one day to enjoy the suite.

But that’s not all- we were really hit by this next pitch. According to the official rules, to enter the contest, one must “complete an official entry form on a 9.5 oz bag of Utz Original Potato Chips or [a] 3.5 oz bag of Utz Original Potato Chips at your local retailer…Or, on a plain piece of 3″ x 5″ paper, legibly print your name and address (including the city, state and zip code), day and evening phone numbers, and the name and address of the store where you purchase[d] your Utz chips…”

Everything seems kosher, but when one attempts to find the official entry form on a 9.5 oz or 3.5 oz bag of Utz Original Potato Chips, they’ll know something is foul. A thorough examination of the stickers found on these chip bags reveal no entry form. As it turns out, although the official rules don’t mention it, it is possible to fill out an entry form online, on the official website of the promotion.

We contacted Utz, based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, to see what they had to say about their double play. A fortnight has elapsed, and we still haven’t received a response. We contacted the Washington Nationals, but unfortunately, they were unavailable for comment.

About the Contest

Those over the age of 21 are eligible to enter the contest, which ends on July 13, 2015. The winner will be announced the next day in Utz’s hometown of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Through the promotion, Nationals fans can also get discounted tickets to certain home games until September 27. To see what games are included in this deal, click here.

Enter the contest now by clicking here. Or, view the official rules first.


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