Want to Save? Get a Job!

Image Credit: Wy the Raceway

The Coupon Sherpa is a staple for couponers. The website offers a roundup of hundreds of coupons for businesses, restaurants, & online retailers.

For Charlotte based Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits, Coupon Sherpa has several deals. First, they remind consumers that Bojangles currently has a gift card promotion. A little further down the list, the Sherpa recommends joining the Bojangles E-Club to get a free biscuit. But right there in the middle, Coupon Sherpa suggests something outrageous:


A close-up of the area in question:

bojangles 2

Apparently, Bojangles deals are sparse these days. So sparse, it seems, the Sherpa resorts to recommending that you “get a job at Bojangles and save 50% with your employee discount.” Are you really that desperate for a Bojangles deal? Must you resort to getting a job? Apparently so: the deal has been used 309 times!

But Bojangles isn’t the only restaurant where The Coupon Sherpa suggests that you get a job. They also suggest applying for work at Outback Steakhouse:

outback job

Image Credit: Wikipedia

If you manage to land a position at Outback, you’ll save a “rumored” 50% with your employee discount. This deal was more popular than Bojangles, too. It’s been used 1,879 times and counting.


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