Texas Is Bigger Than You Think

Image Credit: Simon

Somewhere in Hagerstown…Texas?

Image Credit: Andrea Carmona

Simon Property Group owns and operates over 325 retail properties in the United States, including Premium Outlets. Hagerstown, which is located in Western Maryland at the junction of Interstates 81 & 70, is home to one such Premium Outlets retail center.

Hagerstown Premium Outlets opened in 1998 and is now home to over 100 outlet stores. To promote outlet shopping in Hagerstown, Simon has created brochures, complete with a store directory and location information, showcasing the Premium Outlets. Check out an image below of this brochure, found on an area brochure rack.


It seems like someone at Simon made a blunder!

Notice that Simon suggests other shopping destinations in the…Dallas area? According to the brochure, Arundel Mills is located in Hanover, Maryland, not Texas. And Dallas is very, very far from Maryland.

Simon Says…

We contacted Simon about the mistake. On May 13, they responded. “We are aware that there was a misprint on the brochures. We had a re-branding initiative last year and these were printed and sent to our brochure distributor in error. We have since pulled and corrected the brochures.”

All of this gets us thinking. Does a Simon brochure in Dallas suggest other shopping destinations in the Hagerstown area? If so, did Simon correct these brochures too?

We’d like to find out. According to the Simon website, the Dallas area is home to two Premium Outlets centers: Allen & Grand Prairie. If you live in the Dallas area and have access to brochures for either of these outlet centers, please email a photo of the brochure to tips@herecomestheshrink.com.

Update | 09.22.2015

We returned to the same brochure rack and found this goody waiting for us. Apparently, Simon promptly corrected their brochures and now informs customers of other shopping destinations in the Washington, DC area.




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