Chex This Out: Funny Fine Print (Part 2)

Fine print can be, and usually is, deceiving. It can make or break a company’s claim. But in some cases, fine print is just funny. Therefore, we have compiled a list of seven more commercials with fine print that can only be defined as funny.

Click each image for a larger, more clear picture.

1. Campbell’s – “Copter Caper, Featuring Richard Sherman”


(Image Credit:

“Do not attempt. Even with your mama’s permission.”

Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, starred in Campbell’s “Copter Caper” commercial back in 2014 after the Seahawks won Super Bowl 48. The commercial features Sherman and his “Mama”, who wants the star cornerback to come home and enjoy her Campbell’s Chunky Soup. The “Legion of Superfans” finds Sherman and brings him home via helicopter.

You can view the entire ‘Copter Caper’ commercial by clicking here.

2. Disney – “Show Your Pirate Side” & “To Infinity & Beyond”

Disney Parks & Resorts TV Spot, 'Show Your Pirate Side' - Screenshot 4

Disney TV Spot, 'Disney Side: To Infinity & Beyond!' - Screenshot 5

(Images Credit:

“Professional Swashbuckler. Do not attempt.”

“Professional Power Ranger. Do not attempt.”

Disney continues their series of “Disney Side” commercials with these two new spots featuring Pirates and Space Rangers. Previously, the entertainment company featured The Little Mermaid & Star Wars commercials, each with silly fine print.

You can view the entire ‘Pirate Side’ commercial by clicking here.

You can view the entire ‘Infinity & Beyond’ commercial by clicking here.

3. BelVita – “Soft Baked”

belVita Soft Baked TV Spot - Screenshot 8

(Image Credit:

“Natural flavor with other natural flavors.”

Thanks for clarifying, BelVita. Maybe you could be a little clearer and describe exactly what ‘natural flavors’ are in your products?

You can view the entire ‘Soft Baked’ commercial by clicking here.

4. Nature Valley – “Sweet & Salty Hike”

(Image Credit:

“Carving trees is not cool, by the way.”

In case you weren’t aware, carving trees isn’t cool. Maybe Nature Valley will loan you their time machine, so you can un-carve any trees you’ve left your mark on. Sorry people, but hearts hurt trees. And it’s not cool.

You can view the entire ‘Sweet & Salty Hike’ commercial by clicking here.

5. Chex Mix – “Decoy Bag”

Chex Mix TV Spot, 'Decoy Bag' - Screenshot 3

Chex Mix TV Spot, 'Decoy Bag' - Screenshot 8

(Image Credit:

“Do not attempt. This glass is totally fake.”

“Do not attempt. Again, fake.”

Chex Mix is jazzing up their classic ‘Decoy Bag’ pitch with this new commercial, which is set in an office space. In the fine print, they offer a warning to window washers. Twice.

You can view the entire ‘Decoy Bag’ commercial by clicking here.

6. CREE Bulbs – “Room of Enlightenment: Bologna”


(Image Credit:

“Actual bologna. Actually frying.”

CREE Bulbs features some real meat in their ‘Room of Enlightenment’ commercial, which shows how hot other light bulbs can be. So hot, apparently, that ‘actual’ bologna ‘actually’ fries when placed on top of an ordinary light bulb.

You can view the entire ‘Room of Enlightenment’ commercial by clicking here.

7. Nutrisystem – “Fast 5”


(Image Credit: YouTube)

“Weight loss is infuenced by diet exercise & caloric intake…”

Nutrisystem seems to have ‘lost’ the letter ‘L’ somewhere. It seems that they’ve made a spelling mistake just four words into their fine print paragraph. The word ‘influenced’ is missing the very important letter L, making it ‘infuenced.’ Nice going “Nutisystem.”

(UPDATE: In late April, Nutrisystem rolled out new commercials with corrected spelling.)


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