Claimbuster #6- California Pizza Kitchen


Attention all pizza lovers! A major pizza restaurant chain may be fibbing about a new recipe. That’s right: California Pizza Kitchen’s frozen pizza has a new and improved recipe. Or so they tell us…

Take a good look at these images of California Pizza Kitchen’s Cripsy Thin Four Cheese frozen pizza. Both pizza boxes look the same, save the “New Improved Recipe” label on the new box. But take a closer look at the ingredients.

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Remember how CPK claimed that they’d developed a “New Improved Recipe?” It seems that they didn’t. If you scour the images and compare the two boxes, you’ll notice that the ingredients are the same for both boxes. CPK didn’t even change the order, so the quantity still stayed the same too.

Image Credit: H3D Wallpapers

This curious incident needed some explanation, so we went to the top and reached out to CPK’s frozen pizza supplier, Nestle. At first, they claimed they knew nothing of the new recipe. But after further investigation, it was revealed that Nestle changed the crust’s recipe for CPK’s Cripsy Thin pizza line, tossing out artificial flavors both in the crust itself and in the toppings. They also told us that it’s possible that, of the two boxes we found, the box without the new recipe label is the newer product. Hypothetically, they said, “let’s say the box with the ‘New Improved Recipe’ label was manufactured in January. Then the new box [without the label] was manufactured in March, when the recipe was no longer new.” Nestle also has an online press release from November of 2013 that states, “California Pizza Kitchen. . .today announced that it has completely reimagined six of its classic oven-ready pizza recipes, created a completely new recipe, and added two new, exciting limited-edition offerings to the. . .lineup found in grocers’ freezer cases.” This article confirms that the recipe did indeed change, but the ingredients stayed the same.


One thought on “Claimbuster #6- California Pizza Kitchen

  1. Gale Baldwin says:

    Well that is something….I don’t care for their explanation at all. It is in my opinion a case where most if not all of us never bother to check these things out so we just assume they are true. Thanks Jared….we should all be as alert as you are.


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