Online Oopsie’s and Social Media Slip-Ups

On our online adventures, we stumbled upon some honest mistakes made by restaurants, companies, & apps. Here are five of the most interesting slip-ups.

Image Credit: Milo’s Burger Shop

milos 2

Milo’s Mishap: Watch the Road, Chicken Fanatic!

A few weeks ago, Instagram followers of Milo’s Hamburgers, a Birmingham, Alabama based burger chain, may have seen the above photo. While you might cheer about Milo’s new chicken sandwich, we fear something else: a head-on collision. Look closely, and you’ll see that this Milo’s fanatic is headed the wrong the way on a one-way street. Yikes!

Image Credit: Wikipedia


You Said It: $1…or Maybe Not $1

For National Coffee Day in 2014, Del Taco, a national taco chain, announced $1 iced coffee all day. Good deal, right? Well, there’s a catch. The California based company tacked on some not-so-fine print to their September 29 Instagram post. “Price may vary” says the post. As one snarky commenter (@alex_v_d) said, “$1…Or maybe not $1.” How can price vary on a simple $1 iced coffee special?

@alex_v_d also spotted this goof at Target in September of 2013. Thanks, Alex.

Image Credit: Wikipedia


Up & Up to No Good: Crayon Confusion

Whoa! Back in September, we spotted this gotcha on Cartwheel, Target’s savings program/app. Getting $1.50 off Up & Up school or office supplies seems to be a good back-to-school deal. But if that’s the offer, then why does Target show a box of Crayola crayons? The deal is on Up & Up supplies, not Crayola supplies, right? Target- the jig is up.

Image Credit: Checkout 51


Checkout 51: Check This Out, I Saved Nothing!

Checkout 51, a savings app for Android & Apple users, allows consumers to purchase everyday items and submit their receipts from their shopping trips to earn cash for buying specific items. After submitting your receipt to Checkout 51, they’ll tell you how much you claimed and then they’ll review your submission. Once it’s confirmed, you’ll receive the amount you claimed. In this case, we claimed nothing. (What!?)

Image Credit: Google Play


“Eiffel” and I Can’t Spell!

Iconomania, an app developer, owns an Apple app called What’s the Icon? Players are shown an internationally recognized icon, symbol, logo, person, or destination and are asked to guess the name. In the above advertisement, Iconomania tempts potential players with an amazing icon example: the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The only problem? From the letters shown in the example, it is impossible to spell Eiffel Tower or even Paris. Oops.


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