Not on “Target” Directions

Our favorite tipster, who lives in Mooresville, NC, recently notified us of something peculiar in a Target coupon booklet. They received the booklet in the mail & were astonished to see geography through the eyes of Target. To protect the identity of our tipster, we’ve scratched their name & address from the booklet.

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Since our friend lives in Mooresville, it would be logical that their nearest store would be the Target in Mooresville. The distance between downtown Mooresville & the Target store in Mooresville, which our tipster frequents, is 4.3 miles, which should take about 11 minutes. (Click distance for map.) The distance from downtown Mooresville to the Target store in Huntersville, which is the location that the Target booklet says is closest to our contributor, is 12 miles, which should take about 20 minutes. (Click distance for map.)

So where does Target get their figure? We don’t have a clue. Maybe they don’t recognize the store in Mooresville as a Target location? It doesn’t matter, however, because either way, the directions are definitely not on “Target.”

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for the head’s up.


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