Go Directly to Jail: Monopoly Inconsistencies


Monopoly Mega Edition, shown above, may seem like the perfect game for a day of family fun. But look again. There is a discrepancy between the board shown on the front cover of the box & the real board. We mocked up the board in almost the same manner as the front cover depicts. See if you can find the difference. Click each picture to enlarge.


Did you see the $25 difference? The Luxury Tax space, on the right side of each picture, requires the player to pay $75 to the Bank. Or is it $100? The box depicts $75, while the board shows $100. Why the $25 discrepancy?

We contacted Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly. They directed us to Winning Moves, the real manufacturer of the spin-off.

According to Evelyn Cuoco, a consumer liason at Winning Moves, “we have upgraded the Mega Monopoly board, but have not yet changed the films for the box. The board has the new upgrades.” In recent versions, Winning Moves has updated the look of some spaces (such as Birthday Gift & Bus Ticket), the price of the Luxury Tax space, and switched the colors of the Mediterranean, Baltic, & Arctic properties from purple to brown. Winning Moves executed some other changes to the board, but didn’t change the game’s cover. Whoops!


One thought on “Go Directly to Jail: Monopoly Inconsistencies

  1. Gale Baldwin says:

    Wow….how quick your eye has to be to spot these things. They are not expected so you don’t even notice. Thanks again Jared for your keen eye and keeping up on all the changes that occur out there unnoticed.


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