Starbucks on Your Stoop: Daily Fix Delivery

Image Credit: Wikipedia

On Tuesday, Starbucks announced their new premium coffee delivery service. Fans of Starbucks premium coffee can now get fresh beans, straight from the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle, delivered directly to their doorstep.

Just three to five days after Starbucks roasts a batch of premium coffee beans, you can have those same beans in your hand. The premium coffee will be delivered in 8.8 oz bags and subscribers will receive one bag of coffee per month for $24. Or, customers can sign up for a 12-month subscription plan, which costs $288, and receive twelve bags of premium coffee every year.

Image Credit: Business Insider

Aside from the coffee beans roasted in front of you at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery (above), these bags of premium coffee will be the freshest that Starbucks has to offer. The new Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle opened in December and the coffee company plans on opening over 100 new Roastery cafes globally within the next few years.

Image Credit: Starbucks

In January, Starbucks announced that their new beverage delivery service would roll out later this year. The service would allow members of the Starbucks loyalty program to order their beverage on Starbucks’ mobile order and pay app and have their drink delivered straight to them.

You can also find Starbucks coffee bags in your local grocery store. Big box retailers like Target & Walmart also carry cold Starbucks beverages in their impulse freezers, and some Super Target stores have Starbucks cafes inside.

(Sources: Business Insider, Yahoo, Starbucks)


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