Valentine’s Day: Draped in Red Velvet

Like years past, red velvet food items are all the rage this Valentine’s Day. We’ve assembled a short list of some of the hottest red velvet items this year.

In late January, Oreo revealed limited edition Red Velvet Oreos. Their newest flavor includes red velvet flavored wafers filled with cream cheese creme. And Oreo somehow managed to fit their Valentine’s Day limited edition flavor into a thin, compact 10.7oz package. (Next on Oreo’s agenda? S’mores Oreos.)

Like Oreo, Frosted Red Velvet Pop-Tarts are a limited edition flavor. Pop-Tart, made by Kellogg’s, is a brand famous for its many limited edition flavors. This time, Kellogg’s concocted a red velvet toaster pasty slathered and filled with what appears to be vanilla or cream cheese frosting. Red Velvet Pop-Tarts come in packages of 8 pastries each.

Little Debbie, also famous for their holiday treats, rolled out “Be My Valentine” Red Velvet Cakes this year. The creme filled cakes, which come in packages of two, also have red velvet flavored cake covered in a thin shell of frosting. These limited edition cakes come in boxes of 10 each.

Cream cheese chocolate chips decorate the new Pillsbury Red Velvet Cookies. You can pick these limited edition cookies up in your grocer’s freezer, and bake them at home. The cookies have red velvet dough with a slight hint of chocolate.

Celestial Seasonings has jumped on the red velvet bandwagon. The Colorado based company revealed red velvet tea this year. You can enjoy the red-orange tea after you scoop up the 20-pouch tin at your local grocer.

Hostess is trying to beat out its competitor, Little Debbie, this year with Red Velevet Cupcakes. Their Valentine’s Day twist on the famous treat includes red velvet cake frosted with white icing and topped with red squiggles. The Cupcakes come individually wrapped in eight-packs.

Keebler is trying new Red Velvet Fudge Stripes out on its audience. The cookie remains chocolate, with a hint of red food coloring, but the drizzle is purely cream cheese, a red velvet signature. The 11.5oz package is available for about $3.69 nationwide.


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