Opinion: I’m “Dunn” with Food Lion

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We were recently notified of a Food Lion crisis in eastern North Carolina by Deborah, a savvy shopper from Dunn, NC. Dunn is located halfway between Raleigh & Fayetteville along the I-95 corridor. According to the Food Lion website, the Salisbury, NC based chain has two supermarket locations in Dunn.

So what’s Deborah’s beef? Let her explain.

I have been a faithful Food Lion shopper for years. . .This has become much more difficult over the past year. I have had to divide my shopping list between the two Dunn locations just to get the things that I buy on a routine basis. Within the past month, I have had to rely on Walmart for groceries and have never bought food at Walmart before.

There has been a huge turnover of help in the stores. I do not recognize anyone when I shop now and miss the personal touch that means so much to me and my husband. Management issues are apparent. Clerks do not respond when called to open up another register. No one confronts store personnel when such lapses in service occur. Basic food items are consistently out of stock. [These items include] Food Lion Honey Wheat Bread, Food Lion Bacon & Cheese Meatballs, Food Lion Prune Juice, Market Cajun Krab Dip, Oscar Mayer Thick Cut Bacon, and much, much more.

I always alert store personnel of these outages but they say that a truck has not been unloaded yet or that they do not know why the item is out of stock. Having a background in food service marketing and management, I understand that things like this do happen from time to time. But to consistently operate in this manner, I know that something is wrong.

Clearly, something is wrong. Food Lion is competing in the grocery store war that’s happening back here in Charlotte. With all of their resources trained on the Charlotte area, is it possible that other regions are being hit with shortages?

Deborah contacted us in November of 2014, and we promptly reached out to Food Lion on her behalf. According to the Food Lion website, submissions need 72 hours to process. It’s January, and we still haven’t received a response.

As for Deborah…

I also know what it means for loyal customers to change their minds about a business and seek better elsewhere. This is where I find myself now and want to advise you that things are slipping in Dunn, NC. I can travel out of town to Benson, NC where [Food Lion] has moved the management and many of the store personnel from Dunn. I know there are plenty of good folks out there.


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