Claimbuster #5- PDQ

Image Credit: Wake BGC

We recently visited the PDQ location in Concord, NC & ordered the limited edition Mint Oreo milkshake, which was advertised throughout the restaurant. We obviously expected the milkshake to look like the shake that was advertised. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the milkshake that we expected. You can see the difference between the milkshakes below.

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Where are the Oreo crumbs on top? Although we didn’t order the size depicted in the advertisement, we didn’t get the shake pictured. For some reason, our milkshake looked greener than the shake in the ad, which some might take as a good sign, since mint is believed to be green. Contrary to that belief, green mint syrup is added to milkshakes & ice cream for color- real mint ice cream is white. It was a very disappointing visit indeed, but the chicken cheered us up.


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