Filling Up with Flavor: Oreo in 2014

For Oreo, 2014 was a big year. The popular cookie brand, made by the Nabisco division of Mondelez, debuted several new flavors & designs. So here’s a recap of Oreo in 2014.

Image Credit: Amazon

Cookie Dough

This flavor from Oreo became available on August 11. As is the case with most Oreos, Cookie Dough could be found on the shelves of Target, Meijer, Dollar General, and a few others, the only retailers willing to stock wacky Oreo flavors.


Image Credit: Huff Post


Oreo first introduced the widely unpopular Watermelon Oreos in 2013. But this year, the company brought the flavor back. We wrote about the return of Watermelon Oreos in April, citing some other flavors as well.



Limeade Oreos aren’t as bad as you think. This flavor, which hit shelves in June, tasted pretty good to our taste tester, Floyd, who reviewed them back in October. You can read the review here.

Image Credit: Blisstree

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Oreo launched this flavor, in collaboration with Hershey, in May. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flavor is similar to Oreo’s existing flavor, Peanut Butter. The only difference? The new Reese’s cookies have chocolate creme in addition to peanut butter.

Image Credit: Delish

Root Beer Float

July saw this Oreo flavor hit shelves. Like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos, which has two flavored cremes, the Root Beer Float cookies have half-frothy, half-root beer creme. The cookies met with pretty fair reception upon release. Chips Ahoy, Oreo’s sister brand also debuted their Root Beer Float flavor in February as part of their new Ice Cream Creations line.

Image Credit: Amazon

Marshmallow Crispy

Oreo obviously intended for this flavor to mimic that of Rice Krispies Treats, which are marshmallow squares made from Rice Krispies cereal. They couldn’t say that, of course, since Rice Krispies Treats are made by Kellogg’s, while Oreo is made by Mondelez.

Image Credit: Walmart


Citrus flavor dominates in these Lemon flavored cookies. Their launch this summer coincided with the World Cup, so some Oreo packages depicted a soccer ball behind the lemon cookie.

Image Credit: Consumerist

Caramel Apple

In August, which seemed to be the biggest month for Oreo, the limited edition Caramel Apple flavor was introduced into Target stores. The new flavor was presented to consumers just in time for fall.

Image Credit: First We Feast

Fruit Punch

These fruity Oreos hit stores in April. The package, which depicts a pitcher of fruit punch that suspiciously resembles the Kool-Aid man, contained Oreos that supposedly tasted like Starburst and well, Kool-Aid.

Image Credit: Time

Pumpkin Spice

In late August & early September, some people claimed to have tried this fall flavor. Curiousity mounted until finally, on September 8, Nabisco confirmed that Pumpkin Spice Oreos did indeed exist. The flavor became available on September 24, joining scores of other products with Pumpkin Spice infusion, such as lattes, donuts, dog food, gum, bacon, Jell-O, & yogurt.

More about Oreo in 2014:

  • Oreo also had specially designed cookies this year. Soccer, Summer, Back to School, Football, & Winter designs all graced Oreo cookies in the past year.
  • In August, Oreo announced Oreo Mini Delivery. About 500 of these mini parcels, which consumers could send to their friends, were made each day until August 22. The parcels could be sent anywhere in the US via the United States Postal Service.

(Sources: Wikipedia, Oreo, Instagram, Huff Post, Consumerist, Junk Food Guy)


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