Limeade Oreo Review


We recently scooped up a package of Limeade Oreos, the newest limited edition flavor from Nabisco, at our nearest Harris Teeter. Our taste taster, Floyd, was gracious enough to try these cookies and give us his feedback. Here’s his review.

Let’s begin with the cookie itself. Each cookie has two Golden Oreo wafers sandwiched around lime-flavored creme. This particular limited edition flavor has about 24 cookies in the package, each filled with the citrus-smelling green creme.


I eagerly broke the seal and admired my future dessert. The aroma of limes, which I had expected, wafted up from the package.

But enough words. It was time to chow down.

I reached into the package and grabbed my first victim, er….cookie. I crunched down on the Golden Oreo. The taste of lime filled my mouth. The vanilla wafer went perfect with the lime-flavored creme. If the cookie was chocolate, it would’ve ruined the entire treat.

The Limeade Oreos were, overall, quite refreshing. The cookie tasted light & cool, almost as if it were summer itself. I’d eat these cookies any time of year. I would, most definitely, buy another package, or two, of Limeade Oreos.


That’s all we got out of Floyd before he continued his rampage through his Limeade Oreo package.

Don’t just take Floyd’s word for it: try Limeade Oreos for yourself. You can get them at your local supermarket, like Target or Publix, for a limited time.


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