When Sales Go Bad: A Target Mystery

This week, Target is having a Campbell’s Soup sale. Each soup is just $.84. Add that to a buy four, get one free sale on Campbell’s Soup (& Goldfish Crackers) that Target is also having, and you have a pretty good deal on your hands.

For proof, here’s a photo, courtesy of Totally Target:

Image Credit: Totally Target

That’s it, right? You got a good deal, you walk out of the store happy, and you say, “Thanks, Here Comes the Shrink.”

But that’s not the whole story.

Look closely at the bottom left corner of the picture on the left. The Campbell’s Soup display has, naturally, a sign describing the sale & informing the customer of the details. Each Campbell’s Soup can is $.84, a reduced price since the cans used to cost $.82. Whoa! Back up a minute. The original price used to be 82 cents? That’s two cents cheaper than the sale price. And doesn’t a sale mean that the item has a reduced price?

Is it Totally Target’s mistake? We don’t think so. So far, they’re the only ones reporting the sale, but the evidence you just saw confirms that the mistake is wholly Target’s.

(Source: Totally Target)


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