Exxon Marks the Spot. Or Does It?

Exxon Quiz Energy

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Exxon is educating consumers about energy consumption & economical ways to conserve it through their Energy Quiz, which is similar to the Great Energy Challenge, a partnership between Shell (Exxon’s competitor) & National Geographic. Visitors can choose from a variety of quizzes that Exxon has made available. The fifth question in one of these quizzes, titled “People & Energy”, should spark confusion.

“Which country uses the most energy per person?” the question asks. To choose your answer, you must click the name of the country. As you hover over the country’s name, the corresponding shape of the nation lights up in blue. As ‘Germany’ is highlighted, the Germany image is expected to light up. But that’s not what happens. The shape of Iceland is highlighted instead, and vice versa when one hovers over ‘Iceland.’ Proof is shown below:

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We contacted Exxon a few months ago. They didn’t respond to our inquiry, but we feel that the company listened to us. A few weeks ago, they updated the Energy Quiz website & corrected their error. The updated question can be seen below.

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Problem solved.


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