Where in the World Is it From?

Image Credit: The Dividend Pig

York Peppermint Patties were first produced in York, Pennsylvania in 1940. After almost sixty years of production in Pennsylvania, production recently transferred to Mexico. This change is reflected on the wrappers of the Hershey’s candies that it affected, including York (see below.) Although distributed by Hershey, York & other candies & chocolates are manufactured in Mexico. In 2007, Hershey’s outsourced most of its candy production to Guadalajara, Mexico. However, in 2012, Hershey’s opened a new plant in Hershey, Pennsylvania and moved most of its candy production back to the US. Most candy is still made in the US, but some brands are still manufactured in Mexico, including York. You can check out the back of a York wrapper by clicking here.


Image Credit: edbtacomapierce.org

Think this water should be made near Niagara Falls, Buffalo, or at least in the general vicinity of Niagara? Think again! Niagara Water is made in Irvine, California: nearly 2,200 miles away! It’s one of the most recognized water brands on the West Coast (not the East) & the largest family-owned bottled water company in the US.

Image Credit: Phoenix New Times

AriZona Iced Tea was started in, and is made in, Woodbury, New York. Definitely not Arizona. This fact has been overlooked by so many people that, when immigrants boycotted everything Arizona (the state) in 2010, they included AriZona Iced Tea in their boycott. You can find out more by clicking here.

Image Credit: Forbes

Wood for Louisville Slugger bats comes from Pennsylvania & New York, not Kentucky. The Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, KY offers tours of their bat producing factory. Bats made from wood that doesn’t come from Kentucky. At least it comes from the US, not China. You can find out more by clicking here.

Image Credit: Business Wire

Texas Pete Hot Sauce has a very interesting geographic aspect. It has Texas in its name; the hot sauce is Louisiana-style, and; it’s based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Wow!

Image Credit: AJW News

This popular hot dog brand was started on the Lower East Side of Manhattan by a Russian immigrant in the early 1900’s for the Jewish neighborhoods of New York. So, except for the company’s goal, which is to serve Kosher meats, it has absolutely nothing to do with Israel. Hebrew National is now owned by ConAgra Foods.

Image Credit: England

England Furniture has nothing to do with the United Kingdom. In fact, the England Furniture Company prides themselves on being made in the US! Even their Google search result says so. They are headquartered in New Tazewell, Tennessee & owned by La-Z-Boy Furniture.

(Sources: Hershey’s, Wikipedia, Forbes, Hebrew National, Niagara Water, England, AriZona)


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