“All You” Have Been Fooled


In March, we busted the claim of ‘Free Smashfries’ at Smashburger, a national burger chain. They claimed in the customer experience survey, that survey participants would receive free Smashfries for taking the survey. It later became apparent that the free Smashfries were only awarded after a purchase of  an entrée.

In the April issue (dated May 23, 2014) of All You, a nationally syndicated savings magazine, they featured an article called Get Something For Nothing in their permanent section Save Every Day. Under the ‘Restaurant’ area of the article, a little tidbit explains, “Restaurants want your feedback… Answer questions for Smashburger and receive an order of Smashfries.”

It appears that All You was fooled by Smashburger as well. You must buy an entrée to receive the Smashfries- you don’t just get them for free.

Here Comes the Shrink reached out to Smashburger in Mid-April, but hasn’t received a reply.

(Sources: All You, Smashburger)


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