Help! My Phone is Defective?


The above display was spotted at a CVS in Huntersville, NC in late February. It appears to be an average, yet helpful product when it comes to your smartphone and its battery. PowerStix are designed as an “extra battery” for your smartphone. When charging your smartphone in your home, just charge the PowerStix as well. Then, when you are on the go and your smartphone battery dies, just attach the PowerStix to your phone’s USB port, and voila! Your phone is charging again.


PowerStix are generally used on phones that have little or no battery left on the charge. But it appears that this disgruntled lady appears to either A) unnecessarily charge her smartphone, or B) has a broken phone.


As you can see, the gigantic battery symbol on her screen declares that her battery is critically low. But the battery indicator at the top right hand side of her phone says otherwise. According to this icon, she has 100% of her battery left!

Through good technological deduction, Here Comes the Shrink uncovered what exactly is going on here. It seems that PowerStix (or whoever produced their cardboard stand) took a snapshot of a low battery symbol and set it as the advertised phone’s background. Then they proceeded to take a picture of a disgruntled lady holding up her smartphone, which in fact, didn’t have a low battery, but rather a fully charged one.

Looks like PowerStix needs a new phone.


2 thoughts on “Help! My Phone is Defective?

  1. Pat says:

    I just fully charged my almost dead iphone 4 with no problem in less than an hour. Bought mine at Walgreens for $19 and love it!


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