Update: Lindt LINDOR Truffles (Part 2)

Image Credit: SheScribes.com

Image Credit: SheScribes.com

On March 8,  I appeared on WBTV Saturday Morning. You can watch a clip of my segment by clicking here. I talked about the false advertising of Lindt LINDOR White Chocolate Truffles. (Watch the video to find out more.) Unfortunately, as my segment was cut short, I neglected to mention that I had contacted Lindt about the matter. They required more information and I have been in contact with them over the past week. Finally, today, we reached a conclusion. Robert, an employee at Lindt USA (based in New Hampshire), was in contact with me. In answer to their request, I have provided Lindt with the pertinent numbers on the Lindt packages (Best Before Dates, UPC Codes, L#’s) and a picture of the packages in question. The following is the message that I received from Lindt.

“Thanks for your patience throughout…This has helped us with our investigation, and will now enable us to provide answers relating to what you had encountered. 

“Target stores used to carry a LINDOR truffle bag that had weighed 5.1 oz.  A decision was made to have a different weight bag provided to be exclusively used by Target, hence a 6.0 oz LINDOR bag was created for them.  For those that shop and purchase at Target stores, this new size definitively contains more truffles than the previous 5.1 oz LINDOR bag, and therefore the call out with the special sticker “New! More truffles, better value” was used to notify and promote this new size… (Note: The 5.1 oz bag is no longer stocked or sold at Target stores.)

“Target also has a “Holiday/Seasonal” 6.0 oz LINDOR bag that was designed and created specifically for them, and contained all of the attributes (color schematic/design) to promote a festive Holiday/Seasonal sell point.  Since this bag has the capabilities of being “gifted” by those that purchased it, we did not want to detract from the Holiday packaging, feel, and sentiment, therefore the decision was made to “not include” the sticker on this particular Holiday/Seasonal 6.0 oz LINDOR bag.  (Note: The Holiday design bag is very similar to the new 6 oz bag and only pictures 29 small, light-colored snowflakes on the package.)

“We hope this clarifies things for you further, and demonstrates that there is no apparent false advertising associated with our premium chocolates.  We look forward to hearing that you have clearly understood what has been outlined above, and how there is no room for any false advertising allegations regarding our brand…”

Whoa. Lindt is comparing the new 6 oz bag to the old 5.1 oz bag which doesn’t exist anymore! Once the 5.1 oz bags were removed from the shelves of Target, Lindt should have removed the “New! More truffles, better value” sticker from the new bags, instead of waiting until the holidays. Besides- why are both bags (holiday, regular) on the shelve at the same time? Did Target neglect to remove the regular bags? In addition, if Lindt decided to remove the sticker just for the holidays, then the sticker was on the new bag way too long! It makes the Shrink wonder if Lindt replaced the sticker on the new bags at Target after the holidays.

Here Comes the Shrink apologizes for demonstrating the product on television without waiting for a response from Lindt. In the future, HCTS will contact each company earlier and wait a suitable time frame for a response.


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